Community Collaborations > Electrical Field | Saskatoon, SK

Electrical field is a collaborative art installation created by participants of all ages at the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan exhibition (fair) from August 5th -10th of 2012.

Special thanks to Saskatchewan Arts Board for supporting the project and Sasktel for providing post-consummer telephone wires.

The workshop provided participants with materials, a little technical advice, inspiration and encouragement for them to create their own individual artworks that cumulated into a collective installation.

The concept of growth through the use of technology and the investment of labour is addressed in this workshop that is adaptable for most ages and skill levels. Participants created "growths" that draw inspiration from plants, flowers, crops, and whatever else they could imagine. Once individual "growths" were complete, they were added to the collective installation.

Telephone wires are thin copper wires that have colourful plastic coatings. The wires are very approachable to work with because they are easily manipulated without the use of many tools and will hold their shape on their own. The material can be transformed in a very simple way or can become more complex to provide a challenge for those with advanced skills. Individuals spent as little as five minutes and as much as two hours creating their artworks. Every age from toddlers (with parental assistance) to teenagers to seniors worked on this project with delight.