Community Collaborations > Thingvasion | Prince Albert, SK

Thingvasion is a collaborative art installation created by athletes, friends, family, and spectators of all ages at the Saskatchewan Winter Games in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan from February 16th-22nd of 2014.

Special thanks to SaskCulture and SaskLotteries for supporting the project and Sasktel for providing post-consummer telephone wires.

Thingvasion provided participants from the community with materials, a little technical advice, inspiration and encouragement for them to create their own individual artworks that cumulated into a large collective installation.

A healthy supply of foam balls, plastic coated copper telephone wires, beads, glue, and googley eyes provided inspiration for visitors to begin creating.

In this visual "hail storm" of creations, participants made "things" that drew inspiration from seeds, pods, aquatic creatures, microscopic organisms, plants, cacti, popular culture icons and whatever else they could imagine. Once individual "things" were complete, they were added to a collective installation. Several suspended foam cloud-like forms allowed the “things” to be quickly and easily hung at various heights. The installation also allowed people to walk through the collection of “things”, generating an interactive experience.